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So how does it feel to write a second book?

Earlier I wrote that my first book was quite a struggle, during the middle of the writing and especially near the end. The circumstances were difficult, but something else that I’m sure mattered is that the book was so eclectic. I wanted to give an overview of a number of different topics, which slowed down […]

How does it feel to write a book?

Last year I finished my first book, called Feminisme – een nieuw begin (Feminism – a new beginning). Since then people have asked questions about the writing. How did it feel to write it? How does it feel to have finished? My writer friend, working on her own first book, was watching me closely to […]


Other Voices: The Future of Feminism

“Other Voices makes space for interesting and inspiring speakers to talk on various topics. In the media or other debates we notice the same people again and again. It is no surprise that this little elite consists mostly of white higher middle class men. We want to work differently.” – Other Voices website In March […]


Socialist feminism and the free choice debate

© Evie Embrechts & Ida Dequeecker Underneath many of the debates in the contemporary feminist movement is a hidden discussion about free choice versus structural impact. To put it simplistically, there’s two sides: those who defend women’s freedom of choice, and don’t want (to see) any limitation on this choice, and on the other side […]

Building Bridges – Radical Feminism and Transgender persons

© Evie Embrechts. This article was first published in the trilingual Belgian magazine Scumgrrrls, #19, Summer 2012. If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive. —Audre Lorde What unites us is not a common sexuality or experiences or identities or self-expression. It’s that […]

Femen et la culture porno paternaliste

This article was first published in 2013 in Dutch on DeWereldMorgen – a progressive Belgian news site. It was then translated to French and published by LCR, a socialist/ecologist/feminist organisation. A première vue, cela ressemble à du féminisme, mais les Femen posent de grands problèmes qui ne peuvent être négligés. Elles font leur promotion en […]

Crisis in feminism – time to refocus

© Evie Embrechts. This article was written in 2010 and published in Scumgrrrls, a trilingual Belgian feminist magazine that no longer appears in print. Since it is still relevant, I’m republishing it here. It was the first article I ever wrote in English – sorry for the “Belgian English” folks! The context does seem to […]