A lot has changed for me during the past years. I’ve matured – maybe – am on the path to financial stability – hopefully – and so much more. Politically I lost the remaining pieces of hope I still had for some electoral solution – it’s fully automated luxury queer space anarchacommunism from here on out.

This is a good thing. I have plenty of hope, a better world just won’t come from above. The enormous rise in activism the past years is inspirational: today, more than 35 000 children of secondary school went on strike in Belgium, skipped school to march for the climate. Cities in France are waging a fierce Gilets Jaunes revolution against the old order. There’s more women on the streets than ever, and the trans liberation movement has become a massive success. The white supremacist and islamophobic agenda of all the political parties is being fought harder than ever before.

In light of all those changes in me and around me, I’m culling my old blog articles since I wanted to start with a clean slate and just blog without 20 years of past dragging me down. I might make my old blog posts and articles available in archives again in the future. It could be interesting to see what has changed and what has stayed the same.

Have a great and revolutionary 2019!