Feminism – a new beginning

March 2016 I published my first book: Feminisme – een nieuw begin (Feminism – a new beginning). The book is in Dutch but there are plans to translate it to English and French.

What’s it about?

There aren’t many good books about feminism in Dutch. This year, two books about feminism have been published in Dutch and with the exception of some memoirs it’s probably been twenty years since we’ve seen that many. People asked me for a solid, accessible introduction to feminism so I set out to write one. But I didn’t stop there.

This book is my small contribution to creating a foundation for a feminist future. I’ve been an activist for 15+ years and have been writing for a long time about several topics.

The book is not an attempt to create a “feminist bible” that contains everything you’d ever have to know about feminism – an impossible task. It’s a collection of my research, experience and opinions about a number of topics that I hope I have something to say about.

There’s chapters on intersectionality, porn culture, prostitution, transgender liberation, the strengths and weaknesses of the feminist movement and how we can build a feminist future. I also look at some of the attempts and problems with connecting the feminist movement with other struggles – I like building bridges.

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Feminism and trans liberation

More info coming soon – you can already check out the Dutch website Feminisme en transbevrijding.