Earlier I wrote that my first book was quite a struggle, during the middle of the writing and especially near the end. The circumstances were difficult, but something else that I’m sure mattered is that the book was so eclectic. I wanted to give an overview of a number of different topics, which slowed down the research. When writing about introductory aspects of feminism, and porn culture, and sexual and physical violence, and trans liberation, and the future of feminism and some of the history, and and and… it becomes difficult to maintain focus and to keep the number of pages acceptable. I never felt  had said all I wanted to say and I hope to be able to revisit many of these topics in perhaps a second revised edition or new articles and books.

For one of the themes in the book that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m writing and doing a series of interviews on one topic and wow, it’s going so much better than the first time 🙂 I had an early draft of several chapters up in a few weeks, ten interviews scheduled… it’s really  a breath of fresh air.

I have no illusions about finishing the book. It will be difficult again, reading and re-reading dozens of times to try to catch all of the spelling mistakes, trying to write readable sentences… but at least it’s nice to see the work can progress a lot better than last time. It feels better too, having more of a flow. But maybe that’s because it’s a topic I’ve been thinking about for 15 years… I guess it was time 🙂

So what’s it about? I’ll tell all, in due time 🙂