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This is the part where I have to brag in order to get a job right? So I invented the internet…

In all seriousness, I’m available for hire and can travel to countries in Europe and to the US. I’m an experienced writer and researcher with a lot of knowledge about many topics pertaining feminism. I’m also a master in computer science specialized in software development.

Web design

Right now I’m working as a freelance webdesigner. Have a look at my site if you’re interested or shoot me an email.

Programming & development

I have a Master degree in computer science with a specialization in software development. I speak a lot all languages but am most experienced with Java, PHP, Javascript and GML – the programming language of the game development IDE Gamemaker Studio. I have a working knowledge of C, C++, Ada, Pascal, Visual Basic and Fortran – but please don’t make me do Fortran 😉 Right now I’m teaching myself Python.

I’ve worked in two universities where I was the lead developer of their e-learning system – both universities chose free software / open source solutions. I enjoyed working as part of international teams creating software very much. We used LAMP stacks to run the software, which we developed in PHP and connected to MySQL databases and LDAP directories. I also maintained the exercise program for the Belgian Math Olympiad, which was in written in Java. Mostly I learned working as part of a team, maintaining and refactoring, keeping things as simple as possible while adding needed features.

I’ve worked on Windows, MacOS and Linux systems. Right now I run dual boot Windows/Linux on my computers. I use Linux every day except when I need an application that isn’t available yet or that doesn’t run well under Wine.

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